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Peak Culture Dashboard Features

Central event countdown

Get ready mentally and physically for a major life event

Habit tracking

Create weekly habits, track them and have a detailed overview of your success

Your Personal Records Deserve More Attention

Log your workout PRs and receive regular updates on your latest achievements

Set Your Goals in Motion

Visualize your goals and get ready to reach out for them

Save Your Favorite Bookmarks

Favorite websites at your fingertips

Listen to Spotify!

Play the music that will get you moving and closer to new victories

Coffee And Water Intake

Track your daily water and coffee intake

Dynamic Wallpaper

Curated beautiful wallpapers

Powerful Quotes

Handpicked for pure motivation

Our Team

Peak Culture is a mindset, as the name suggests - a culture gathering people on a quest to become the best version of themselves. Our end goal is to create a set of digital products that are going to simplify the process of working on yourself and give you an additional boost to achieve your life goals.

The team that created Peak Culture is always searching for ways to become better humans. The dashboard is our way to give others something truly useful and tangible that can improve their lives, step by step, each day.

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